Old Fashioned

The Bartender's Favourite


  1. 1 White Sugar Cube
  2. 2 Dashes Aromatic Bitters
  3. 2 Dashes Orange Bitters
  4. 7.5ml Soda
  5. 60ml Whiskey Of Choice
  6. Garnish: An orange zest, a lemon zest and a stemmed maraschino herry

Place a white sugar cube on a cocktail napkin on top of the glass, add bitters and remove the napkin to drop the sugar in the bottom of the glass, pour a little bit of soda water to help dissolve the sugar and muddle the sugar cube.

Then add 3 ice cubes and 1/3 of the whiskey, stir 30 times.

Add 3 more ice cubes and 1/3 of the whiskey, stir 30 times.

And finish by repeating the same operation a third time.

Place the stirrer into the glass and zest both orange and lemon over the drink and drop them as the maraschino cherry into the glass.



Originally made with bourbon or rye whiskey; but can be made with Cognac, aged rum or aged Tequila as an interesting variation.

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